Taking Care Of Your Hair

Taking care of your hair so important. It is the element of your looks that can make or break you. For others like me, that have incredibly thin and fine hair, you'll probably know that extensions are your best friend. My hair is fine through genetics, I take care of it and eat well, but it just has never grown thick. If you have thick or full hair, count your blessings, even though I do realise even that comes with some difficulties and hardships! There are some brilliant ways to take care of your hair, and ensure that it looks at its healthiest, despite the kind of hair you are given. Take a little look at some top tips.

1. Go Natural

Don't wash your hair as often. Let the juices clean the hair and wash it every few days, or as long as you possibly can. This really helps renew it and makes it look healthier and shinier in the long run. You can opt for natural treatments, such as coconut oil. Run the oil from head to tip and use it like a mask. Keep it on for half an hour or so and wash off. You can keep it on overnight if you wish!

2. Look To The Professionals

If you've suffered with hair loss or know someone that has, then it can be difficult to find options. However there can be help, with Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment, to aid with growth and help you gain your confidence.

3. Eat Well

It is the common theme throughout our lives, but eating well really does ensure a healthy inside and out. Eating plenty of greens can be good for your skin and hair, paritcularly foods such as: citrus fruits, eggs, spinach, avocado and carrots. Include these in daily juices if you don't like eating them or have no time, juicing is a brilliant way to get your vitamins!

4. Don't Overbrush

If you brush your hair too much you can pull out a lot of hair. Instead comb it or invest in a tangle teaser. Brush your hair once and refrain on doing it too often. Be gentle, brushing forcibly can also lead to hair loss.

5. Don't Stress

Stress is a leading cause of hairloss and hair thinning, as is iron deficiency. Ensure that you adopt a healthier, less stressed lifestyle, even if this includes having to things you wouldn't usually do, such as meditating, going to the gym, finding time to wind down. All these things help your hair, and will stop your hair from falling out.

6. Choose Shampoos Wisely

Look to try different shampoos that work for you, not just ones that work for others. Try testers and see what helps your hair. Then alternate between at least two, just to keep it refreshed and stop your hair from becoming immune to the shampoo.

So there you have it, a few tricks and tips to ensure you have healthier stronger hair for the New Year! Feel free to leave your tricks and tips below!

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