Finding The Perfect Online Fashion Matches

In our swirling world of e-commerce indulgence, it’s very easy to get carried away and click happy, adding item after item to our ever-growing basket. We can get just about anything online, but fashion seems to be what excites us the most. I am undoubtedly always ready to click on clothing, judging on how good it looks on the model and not myself, guessing haphazardly the sizing and hoping for the best. This is exactly the same when it comes to shoes. I am a huge lover of shopping on worldwide shops, sometimes smaller boutiques in Europe or America, and it’s easy to get a little mixed up with some of their sizing charts; but we will not be defeated! Sometimes e-commerce can beat the high street and there’s nothing more we can say!

Finding Your Style

Remember that just because the clothes look good on the model, they may not necessarily look great on you. Try to look at the colours stated in the description and not how the colour looks on the model. For example, the colour may be powder blue, but may show up a little starker than a pastel may usually look, so be sure to get the idea of colour from the description. Secondly, look at the sizing of the clothing properly also. Every body shape is different, so if you look at a model, she may have slightly longer or shorter legs, so that dress you think will look super cute with knee high boots, may end up being that little bit too long for them! Always look at the measurements, so the key point is, read well and then decide!

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Looking at shoes can be the most daunting thing ever. It isn’t just the worry and fear of the shoe not being a good fit, too tight, too small or too pinchy, but there is also the worry of not ordering the correct sizing, especially if the site is out of the UK. We can be baffled by conversion sizes, and never too sure if we are ordering the correct size. If you need any help, you can refer to a size chart here, which lists not just two countries, but 11 different countries, covering pretty much everything you will ever need for the exciting and crazy world of e-commerce! Bookmark and share it, to ensure that you know exactly what you’re buying, the next time you eye up a lovely pair of black shiny boots, or perhaps those perfect dazzling pair of stilettos for those cocktail evenings!

Know Your Limits

I am one of these people who can spend a small fortune online and it’s easy for things to add up. A little trick I have is to not purchase more than one of the same thing. For example, I’ll pick up one jacket, one pair of jeans, one kimono, and this way, I have more variation and find that I can style things together much better. Pick out an entire outfit if you wish, I feel that it makes my money go further and I also get a better collection. Be sure to also follow the sale items on the online shops. Sign up for updates if they exist, and look at picking up a few added extras in the sale, you’ll find that just at the end of every season, they have the best deals, and buy ahead, buy your winter jackets and jumpers now, whilst they are cheap, ready and waiting for the next fashion season!

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