Why Not Give These Underated European Destinations A Chance?

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Europe is full of a staggering amount of extraordinary holiday destinations and attractions. It's the sort of place that's so large and so rich in history, culture and natural beauty that it would be impossible for anyone to experience it all. This leads a lot of people to focus on the most well-known things that Europe has to offer. But this means that they end up missing out of some of the continent's most extraordinary features. Here are just a few of the hidden gems that Europe has to offer that you won't want to miss out on.
It's an utter crime that so few people are aware of the Eastern European country of Slovenia. Put simply; this is one of the most extraordinarily beautiful countries in the world. The scenery is really the highlight here. With idyllic lakes, icy waterfalls and towering, frozen mountains. The jewel in Slovenia's Crown has to be Lake Bled. Lake Bled is filled with activities for people of all ages and means that you're never short of something fun and exciting to do. No matter what kind of vacation you might be looking for, you're guaranteed to find something wonderful in Slovenia.
How could you not want to visit somewhere that's known as "the land of ice and fire"? The idea of going somewhere that is known for its low temperatures might not be that appealing, but those fears will slip away the moment you step foot in this amazing country. The truth is that it's like walking into a fairy tale when you arrive. Whether you want to experience the summertime's midnight sun, refresh your body and spirit in the geothermal baths, experience the beauty of the northern lights, or witness Icelandic whales gliding through the ocean, Iceland is the kind of place that you could go back to year after year and never even begin to feel tired of!
Are you looking for a city break but are sick of the same obvious European cities? Then Cluj is the perfect place for you! This fabulous, cosmopolitan town of Cluj, in Romania, is a great place for fine dining without breaking the bank. There's been a real explosion of cocktail bars and charming restaurants in recent years as well. This student town also features some wonderful architecture. From traditional churches and tree-lined squares to some breathtaking baroque architecture
People always tend to forget about Ireland when they’re planning any kind of European trip. The truth is that Dublin is one of the most wonderful, exciting, and vibrant cities in the world. There are so many things to do when staying in Dublin that you’re likely to want to come back as soon as possible to finish it all off. Just be warned, unless you pick your activities carefully, you could end up spending a little more than you initially planned.
Now, don't worry, I know that Venice is hardly an unusual destination. But even well-known places have something interesting to offer. If you've ever been to Venice, you've probably explored it in a gondola. Well, what if you tried exploring the city in a different way? If you're more in the mood to take things at your own pace and get a real close up view of the city, why not explore it in a kayak. That way you get to dictate where you go and at what speed. In the other direction, why not take a helicopter tour and experience the city from the air. A bird's eye view will give you a totally new perspective on somewhere you might have thought of as all too familiar.

If you're after something truly amazing, then the northernmost Swedish town is perfect for you. The main reason that this Lapland town is so beloved is the Ice Hotel. This hotel boasts eighty gorgeous rooms and is only open during the winter. Why is it only open during the winter? Well, the clue is in the name. Each spring the hotel melts and must be rebuilt each year. If you want a little more out of your accommodation than the typical chalets and hotels, then Kiruna is the place for you.
The truth is that there are so many wonderful places to experience in Europe that you’re likely to never run out! Because of that, don’t be afraid to try some new places that you might not be quite as familiar with. There’s a good chance that you’ll end up with a new favourite place in the world!
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