Let’s Talk Breasts! Brassybra Review

Finding the ultimate adhesive bra for those fashion statements is not an easy task. Only recently have I been on the sesarch for a good adhesive bra that stays on and is comfortable, without compromising on style or support. That is why I have teamed up with the incredible team over at Brassybra, who aren't just a bra company, but promote and work alongside some incredible people and charities. Their adhesive bras have been dubbed 'the invisible bra that actually works'. That is something I can vouch for. Having tried many in the past few months, I have realised that most do not support in the way I'd want and aren't easy to travel with. Brassybra ticks all the boxes!
  • Comfortable 
  • Easy to travel with
  • Come with additional sticky pads for extra support
  • Are for all women of all sizes
  • Bras can be shaped to your body and cut easily to be hidden if needed 
  • Safe and certified adhesive - although you shouldn't wear your bra overnight! 
  • Waterproof - so it gives you that support you need when you're at the pool! 
  • Can move easily without worry of it working off - brilliant for dancing! 

How does it work? 

Brassybra comes in a multitude of colours and sizes, for everyone. It is especially brilliant for the bigger chested ladies, who need a little more support. You can find the right colour for you, these are, vanilla, caramel, chocolate, cocoa and licorice which will go with any outfit. The 'little extra' strips are available in these colours for additional support that you can stick around the edges of your Brassyabra. Although the diagram of how to fit and remove your Brassybra is seen on the packaging, I am going to take you through it too, to show you just how easy it is and how simple they are to fit, giving such a lovely uplift and good support. Take out your Brassybra, let's take a black Brassybra. My Brassybra is a C-D cup. Use your little flower pads to cover your nipple area. This will protect them, and of course they look super cute!  Reveal the sticky side of the bra, lift up your breast, attach the bra to the bottom of the breast and pull it upwards, until it feels comfortable and looks right to you. *TIP* Don't take the paper sheild off first, as it takes time to get the hang of how to use your bra, keep the paper on and lift upwards, that is what works best for me and I can get a brilliant shape and lift.

Once it's in the right position, get dressed! If your bra overlaps and can be seen through your clothing, you can easily cut it to change the shape. Then, you're ready to go and you will see how perfectly it supports your bosom area. It's comfortable and very supportive; the material is light and uninvasive, truly is a really easy and practical bra to use for those tops and fashion items that are just that extra bit difficult to style! 

How Do I Remove It?

The Brassybra do come with little wipes that you can use to gently remove your bra. However, it is vital that you remove it gently, coconut oil or any kind of body oil can be a brilliant way to slowly and safely remove your bra without aggravating the skin in any way! Remember, your Brassybra will stay on during swimming, it will give that extra support to you in your swimming outfit, which is such a brilliant perk!

To shop this amazing bra, you can click here and order your first one today, to make wearing halter tops, sleeveless tops and crop tops much easier to wear! The team over on their Instagram @brassybra are helpful and ready to answer any questions you should have! Start enjoying fashion again...I know I have!


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