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Since getting to grips with my Brassybra, I have been really playing around with ways to use it and I can easily say that so far, it's been my summer saviour. In Corfu, I was staying for a week through summer in a villa and Brassybra truly became my best friend, not only to allow me to wear the dresses that I wanted to wear, when I wanted to wear them, but also to give me that added support when wearing my swimsuit. Being a little bit bigger chested, I always like to feel secure, especially when going in and out of the sea and ensuring that I am adequately covered and don't have to worry about the waves shifting my bikini top out of place. Here are just a couple of the ways that I've been enjoying wearing my Brassybra.

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Everyone wants to wear that beautiful summer dress. Whether it's a halterneck, a strapless or a cut away dress, there are so many beautiful ones to pick. I was recently gifted a stunning cut out dress from ChiChi London, but had never found a bra good enough to support me to wear it, without feeling uncomfortable, until I found Brassybra. It easily fits on, I used a C/D cup as it fits me nicely, and using the little nipple protectors first, I then stuck my Brassybra and I was good to go. The Vanilla shade bra I used worked perfectly with white and would highly recommend a lighter colour for Caramel or Vanilla. Perfect, right?!


I love wearing swimwear, but I do not often feel fully supported going in and out of the water. I try to find supportive swimwear but this isn't always possible and even if it is, I love the option of having extra support. I decided to try out my Brassybra with my swisuit in the water; yes Brassybras are waterproof and they are amazing! Not only did they do their job well but they also proved to be much more comfortable in general. I hate the feeling of peeling off a wet costume, but it did seem to really protect my chest area so well that it was a little more bearable taking the costume off! Ten out of ten and for this I used the black chocolate coloured bra as it seemed to be the best fit for my outfit. A little island stop for some swimming was exactly what I needed! Even the salty water did not budge the bra, and I cleanly removed it with some of my favourite body oil, which is what I needed after a day in the sun anyway!

I am sure that by autumn, a whole new set of fashion items will be the perfect accompaniment to my Brassybra but for now, summer is still clinging on and if you have any last minute summer trips (hopefully you do!), then Brassybra is the way to go! To shop Brassybra, click here.

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Corfu Holiday Palace

Nestled within copious amounts of luscious eucalyptus and cypress trees, the Corfu Holiday Palace Hotel is beyond extraordinary for summer, because undoubtedly, there is nowhere quite like Greece in summer. Crystal waters caress cultivated landscapes, overlooking the famous Pontikonissi island, this hotel has so much to offer. Family friendly but also quiet and romantic for couples, it was truly a magical experience for my first time in Corfu.

Greek hospitality is prevalent throughout the entire hotel, lots of helpful staff, a willingness to engage with you and assist you to ensure you have the most spectacular time on your holiday. The views are incredible, watching the sunset on the balcony of the Eptanissa restaurant whilst sipping on fine wine and indulging in a plethora of delicious cuisines, full of flavour, plentiful and a vast array of choice for all pallets. Choose the pool or the sea, both are brilliant and on hand for an incredibly relaxing day. There are plenty of things to see in the area, a twenty minute drive into Corfu town, where you can envelop yourself within the history of the city, or take a short boat trip to Pontikonissi for lovely views, the beautiful monastery, a tiny charming place to visit.

Food & Drink

The hotel itself is home to four restaurants, Kukutsi Sushi restaurant, a wonderful place to nibble on delicious Asian cuisine, whilst enjoying the panoramic views of the Ionian. Brachera beach bar is the ultimate snack bar for those long summer afternoons at the beach, Almira pool restaurant is full of delicious snacks for pool days, and the incredible Eptanissa restaurant, a buffet style restaurant where residents can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner, with fresh foods, salads, meats and more! Each and every single night there were new treats, with some old favourites and a delightful choice of desserts. The hotel also is home to the Kefi bar, home to good alcohol, times to socialise with friends whilst being entertained by traditional and modern music; every hour of the day, there's somewhere to relax!

There are so many different style rooms in the hotel for different budgets, making this a real resort. Bungalows, rooms with private pools, sea view rooms, or lake view rooms, where you can watch aeroplanes all day long, with spectacular views. Corfu town is only a fifteen minute bus ride away, explore the old town, great food, shops, boat rides and seaside restaurants, it is a stunning place for a summer holiday and highly recommend!

For more information on Corfu Holiday Palace click here! Now is most definitely the best time to make the most summer and book a holiday to remember. I also always use Welcome Pickups for airport transfers they are convenient and well priced.

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