Discover 10 Ways You Can Keep Your Teen from Smoking

4. Tell Them It's Against the Rules

Often parents feel that they're teenagers aren't listening to them but that shouldn't stop you from saying it anyway. Make it clear to your teenagers that you won't allow them to smoke. It is surprising to parents to learn that their disapproval really does have an impact on their teenagers. Those teens who have parents that are very firm about the rules of smoking will usually smoke less or not at all, much more than teenagers whose parents are less strict about it. It's also a fact that when you develop a deeper and closer relationship with your teenager that you have greater influence over their decision making.

5. Smoking Has A High Cost

Smoking not only has a cost to a person's health but it's also financially expensive. Sit down with your teenager and help them understand what this habit can cost them on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis by simply smoking one pack a day. You can compare those costs to other things they might be interested in such as clothes, electronic devices and other essentials that most teenagers would want to have.

6. Express How Serious an Addiction Is

It's completely normal for teenagers to think that they can try cigarettes without any consequences and that they won't become addicted to it. They may even think that if they do start smoking on a regular basis that they can quit anytime they want to. Even those teenagers who smoke a fairly small amount very often end up addicted to cigarettes and nicotine. Let your teenagers know that most addicted adults began as teens. Let them know that once they are hooked it will be extremely difficult to quit.

7. Understand That Peer Pressure Is Going to Happen

Help your teen by giving them tools they can use when peer pressure happens. Work with them and rehearse with ideas on how to handle social situations when they come up. Even simple ideas such as practicing saying, 'no thanks, I don't smoke', is enough to be helpful in many situations.

8. Talk About More Than Just Cigarettes

Tobacco comes in many different forms and not just cigarettes. Candy flavoured e cigarettes are just a couple of examples that teenagers may think is less harmful than regular cigarettes and yet it's not the case. Many teenagers believe that if they use a water pipe that it's a purer experience and healthier. Of course, all these ideas are completely wrong, and they have significant health risks. Make sure to speak with your teenagers so that they aren't fooled.

Electronic cigarettes are another device that many people believe is a safer choice. In these devices, an atomizer is used to heat up the liquid for smoking the nicotine by inhaling vapor that looks similar to cigarette smoke. Because of the nicotine content, it still has as much potential for addiction as any other method of consuming tobacco and nicotine.

As you might expect, there is some research that shows the teens who use these electronic cigarettes have an increased likelihood of trying other types of smoking. In fact, these studies show that within a year most of those teens will try other types of tobacco after smoking electronic cigarettes.

9. Let Your Teen's Know That It's Not Just Other People Bad Things Happen To

It is extremely common for teenagers to believe that the bad things that happen to people only happen to others and won't happen to them. They think that heart attacks and strokes as well as cancer and other occurrences will never happened to them. Try speaking to them and even point out family members and celebrities who have had these things happen to them because of smoking.

10.  Stay Involved with Your Teens

Actively take a stance against smoking. Take as much time as you can to participate in school-sponsored programs for the prevention of smoking. Play a part in efforts in your community to create smoke-free zones and encourage your government to increase taxes on all tobacco products. All these things can help in reducing the chances of your child becoming a smoker.

If your teenager has already picked up the habit don't try to correct the problem by making ultimatums or threatening them. Try instead to talk with them and understand why they chose to start smoking and help them understand ways they might quit. Help them understand that the earlier they stop smoking the better it is for their health over their lifetime.
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