Healthy Post Travel Treat With GreenPan

Being a travel Blogger often means that I don't eat well when I'm away, as I'm rushing around and coupled with lack of sleep, this leads to an unhealthy lifestyle, stripped of nutrients and struggling to keep myself healthy. With GreenPan, healthy cooking can begin and there are plenty of ways to ensure that you are getting the nutrients you need. I'm going to be working alongside Wayfair and GreenPan to made one of my favourite post- travel dishes, which is perfect for the whole family and is definitely going to be a winner!

One of my favourite healthy replenishing meals is a Mexican twist on scrambled eggs. Perfect for lunch and complete with a little bread and avocado, this is a lovely meal to have after a long flight and to settle back in at home with a coffee. This can be made for the whole family for a lovely brunch and with the Mexican twist, it will leave you feeling tantalised and leave a little spice in your mouth! There is nothing better than using great equipment when you're cooking and this GreenPan is not just pretty but it is also non stick and cooks up quickly and effectively; making it easy to create fun fresh ideas that are both healthy and filling. Let's take a look and get cooking with the GreenPan Mayflower set!

The Recipe [to feed x3 people]

6 Eggs
3 Cups of Milk (can use alternatives such as oat or soya)
One Chilli
Three beef tomatoes
One green pepper
One spring onion
One sprig of ginger
One cup of cheese (preferably cheddar or something you can easily grate)
One avocado & Slice of bread of your choice for the side!

Get Cooking!

Start to cook through your scrambled eggs, mix the eggs and milk and start to gently mix in your GreenPan. You can add a little coconut oil to the pan to loosen it up but it really isn’t needed because the pans are so soft and don’t seem to stick at all. Once your eggs are almost ready, you can add your chilli and garlic, leaving this as late as possible will ensure they don’t burn and taste bitter. Depending on how you like your eggs, you can add the chopped tomatoes, your spring onion and pepper, until they all become nicely mixed together. Once your eggs are golden you can serve with your GreenPan spoon. Grate some of your favourite cheese and sprinkle on top of the eggs, with some sliced chillis on top. On the side, slice some bread and add the slices of avocado for a nice cooling taste to counteract the spicy chilli! It’s a brilliant way dish that takes less than ten minutes and is both tasty and nutritious.  

The Verdict

The pans were easy to clean and came up very well indeed. They look beautiful and they are incredibly high quality - not just that but they are a pleasure to cook with, they make you want to enjoy your meals, eat clean and be creative! Their dutch oven can easily be used for stews, to marinate fish or chicken in. To look at the brand in more detail, click here!  There is definitely no excuse not to cook anymore! I also enjoy my lunch dishes with some of my favourite new crisps,  the veg crisps from Tyrrells - they have some delicious seasonal tastes that you need to check out!  

*This is a collaborative post. 



Travel Ready with Beaute Leeds

Travelling and still looking good can be so difficult. I'm often tired, suffer with travel insomnia and day to day don't get the quality of sleep I need and this definitely affects the way I look. I try to play around with eye make up but sometimes my eyes still look heavy and tired and having tried LVL lash lift previously and really loved it, I thought it was time to go one step further and find somewhere that offers natural, beautiful looking eyelash extensions and I'm pretty sure I've found the place.

𝒒𝑒𝓉 π’·π‘’π’Άπ“Šπ“‰π’Ύπ’»π’Ύπ‘’π’Ή

In Leeds at the Beaute salon, run by the incredible Jurgita, they offer incredible services for your lashes and I knew not only was it going to make me look better, but it would also be a time saver! With eye lash extensions, you don't have to worry about piling on the mascara and this was one other amazing reason that I wanted to try it. The salon in Leeds is based right in the heart of the city, upstairs in a beautiful relaxing location, in the sweetest room. It is aesthetic heaven and Jurgita immediately put me at ease, as she knew I was looking for something natural but also fluttery and fun. She knew exactly what would suit me best based on eye shape, so it's definitely great to have a chat to put any of your worries at ease, it's really a very positive experience! [A patch test is done first too so no need to be concerned about allergic reactions!]

My lashes are naturally very straight and I could not believe that eyelash extensions would be able to give the effect of having an LVL lift also with length and volume, it was such an exciting experience. It took around an hour and a half, but the experience is comfortable, there is absolutely no pain or discomfort, it's actually relaxing and it's definitely best to stay still and chilled, so the work can be done with focus and ease - I was very relaxed indeed! Each lash is glued in and lasts upto a few weeks as they naturally droop and fall out so it's the brilliant thing to do if you have a busy few weeks coming up with work, social gatherings or if you're travelling! After the lashes were done, I was wowed by how wonderful they looked, I instantly looked more awake, my eyes took a different shape and they definitely didn't look too much for my face at all. Jurgita was incredibly helpful with all the advice and gave me some brushes and wash for the lashes all in the most cute packaging!

Cutest packaging!

I'll be posting all my photos on Instagram so you can see how lovely and natural the lashes actually are but here's a sneak peak on my iPhone - and if they look this good on an iPhone, you can imagine how good they look in reality. Highly impressed, from start to finish Jurgita took amazing care of me. Head on over to their Instagram and book an appointment and get beautifying yourselves today!

*This was a gifted experience but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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