Time For An Upgrade? Expert Online Marketing Tips To Help You Sell Your Property

Have you decided that it is time to upgrade to a bigger and better property? If so, you will need to sell your current abode, and you will want to do so quickly and at a good price. With that in mind, read on to discover plenty of useful online marketing tips. 
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Discover why you need online AND offline advertising!

There is no denying that online marketing has well and truly taken over in the 21st century. This has led a lot of people to believe that offline advertising is no longer as important. Yet, the true key to success is a healthy balance between both.

Online marketing, of course, allows you to appeal to a wider audience and potential buyers will have quicker access to you via the likes of social media. Nonetheless, offline advertising is tangible, which is always beneficial, and you can be more targeted with your marketing when going down the print route.

People should feel as if they see your home advertised virtually everywhere they look. There is no such thing as too much exposure.

When it comes to online marketing you should embrace free online listing websites and directories. Ensure your agent’s listing is up to scratch. Update your Facebook and Twitter pages. Why not look for relevant property blogs that could help to advertise your home?

What about print advertising? Well, an advert in both the major newspapers and the local newspapers can be beneficial. You could also post flyers on bulletin boards and in popular local shops. Don’t leave any stone unturned.
Catching the eye

One of the biggest blunders people make is overlooking the importance of the headline when marketing their property. No matter whether you are creating your property’s listing, writing a blog post, marketing on Facebook or Twitter, or writing a magazine post, you need to grab attention with a killer headline. It’s the fundamentals of writing. If a headline doesn’t catch the eye, who is actually going to bother to read the content anyway?

In fact, did you know that approximately 80 per cent of people read the headline of a post? Whilst, only 20 per cent read the content? Think about how you react when you see something in a magazine or on the Internet. We often skim the headline, take a look at the pictures, and then decide whether the content is worth reading.

The best thing to do is write your content first and then play around with different headlines. Remember, you are selling the lifestyle, not merely your walls, floors, curtains and such like! Use descriptive language and allude to the life people could lead if they bought your home, for example, a luxury executive condo with modern finishes and great views. For further inspiration, see what the experts are doing! A quick browse through a few property magazines should prove to be helpful.
Does your main image make people click?

The main image you use of your property on websites and portals is so important! This can be the difference between someone overlooking your home and someone actually clicking on it to discover more about your property. It’s all good and well having a lovely description of your home coupled with a varied selection of photos, but if your main image isn’t hitting the spot no one will get there!

So, what is a good main image? Firstly, let me say, you are not obliged to put an image of the front of your home. If you do not believe this is your property’s best photo, go for something else! Lifestyle photos are an excellent option. Why not set your dining table with a beautiful dinner set and place some nice baked goods and colourful fresh orange juice on the table? This is inviting and makes your property look homely.

Get creative! Instead of taking a picture of the entire front of your home, why not go for a close-in of just the front door instead? This leaves a lot to the imagination and makes the viewer want to click on your property to find out more! Of course, this tactic only works if your front door looks beautiful!
Don’t just sell your home, sell your neighbourhood!

Unless your buyer is a hermit, you are not merely selling them your home, you are selling the entire local area – a whole new life!

When marketing your home, you have to go above and beyond the boundaries of your four walls. You need to recognise that you are not merely selling your property. You are actually selling the entire neighbourhood. After all, you could have the most beautiful property the viewer has laid their eyes on, but if the neighbourhood is a bad one, they are going to be put off.

Address the buyer’s fears and let them know what is great about the community. It is also a good idea to tell them why you are moving on. Make out that you are going to be sad to leave such a nice place behind, yet don’t overdo it by saying you aren’t happy to be moving. It’s not time to go for that dramatic Oscar-winning performance!

You may wish to provide the buyer with any information you can get your hands on about the neighbourhood. There could be some leaflets or flyers that provide relevant information about the active community, which may be of interest to the buyer. Consider including such details in your own brochures too. The viewers will, therefore, be attracted to your home and the life they can enjoy being in your neighbourhood.
Top tips on selling your home with effective testimonials

When you search for any company, service or product online you often read reviews in order to get an honest assessment regarding the item you are considering buying or the company you are thinking about using. Why should your home be any different? Some nice testimonials can certainly go a long way. They present an excellent way of indirectly selling your home and the neighbourhood.

Enlist some friends and neighbours to write a good selection of testimonials for you. Ensure there is a nice variation. Do not only ask for testimonials about your property but also about the local area, the community and the neighbours. You want to paint a picture of the good quality of living the buyer will benefit from if they sign on the dotted line.

Moreover, don’t only opt for reviews that state ‘this property is amazing, I love the character of the main bedroom and the spacious bathroom…’ This is simply pointing out the obvious and is something that the buyer can figure out for themselves. Instead, get people to write about any interesting stories about the area. Maybe you have a celebrity in your midst? This is something that would certainly drum up interest.

Fantastic ways of using Pinterest to sell your home

If you ask people to name some social media websites that you could use to market your home their likely response would be Facebook and Twitter – the king and queen of social media. However, Pinterest is a little gem you shouldn’t be ignoring. Pinterest is a social media site that is based on photographs. And, what sells a home effectively? Stunning photos! You see what I am getting at. So, how can you use Pinterest to sell your home?

·          Take people on a journey – Pinterest allows you to create different boards filled with pictures. Use this as an opportunity to take visitors on a virtual tour. Also, think about the selling points you want to showcase, you could create a board dedicated to showing your house’s various different storage spaces for example.
·          Re-pinning – Connect with the Pinterest community and ask them to re-pin your photos. What does this mean? Essentially, they will take photos from your board and show them on their own – extra exposure!
·          Don’t forget about descriptions – Yes, Pinterest is all about photos, but you should make sure the descriptions are optimised. Think about what a buyer would search on Google if they were looking for your home and include similar terms/phrases in the description.
Easy tips for using YouTube to sell your home

YouTube, the home of cute baby videos and hilarious pranks caught on cam, actually presents you with a great opportunity when it comes to marketing your home! Grab your camcorder and make a virtual tour of your home and neighbourhood.

Video marketing has well and truly taken off in relation to all businesses, services, industries, products and such like. Real estate is no different. By providing people with a video you give them the best way of getting a good insight into your home as quickly as possible. People tend to react better to visuals rather than reading text. Therefore, a virtual tour of your house will be more effective than a list of what your property has to offer.

How do you create a good video of your home? Well, why not start by telling the viewers what you love about your house and why you bought it? Aside from this, take the camera out of your home and explore the neighbourhood. This helps people to envisage living there and is highly effective. You are essentially providing a short video that shows the individual the life they could enjoy. There are not many other forms of advertising that are as compelling as this one.
So there you have it: plenty of tips to help you get started. Good luck!

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