Top Tips For Planning Your Next Vacation

Although it may be incredibly exciting, planning a vacation can be a very stressful experience. No matter where you are going, there’s always so much to think about. From airport transfers and travel time to taking the time to plan what you need to pack for the weather - the list is never-ending.

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With so much on your mind, it’s easy to see how planning everything in advance can be incredibly helpful. With that in mind, here are 5 top tips for planning your next vacation:
  1. Plan Your Vacation Budget Well In Advance
When you’re travelling having a budget is incredibly important. Planning how much you’re going to spend on accomodation, transport, food and activities will help you manage your vacation and ensure you don’t run out of money in the first few days. Setting yourself a daily budget is super helpful, especially as it means the money you don’t spend can be carried over to the next day. Don’t forget to have an emergency fund too - you never know what can happen!
  1. Book Your Hotel And Transport At Least Two Months In Advance
Although it’s not always possible, booking your hotel and transport at least two months in advance is a great way to ensure you’re not left without accommodation or transport. 
It’s important to make sure you’re able to get both at a reasonable price before you book as you may find if you book flights before you check accommodation prices, all of the hotels are way out of your budget. 
  1. Use Instagram And Pinterest For Inspiration And Ideas
If you’re struggling to find inspiration for things to do, searching sites like Instagram and Pinterest is a great way to get some ideas. Save photos in collections or pin blog posts to boards, creating your own personal collection of all the things you want to do on your vacation. 
If you’re looking for inspiration for your destination try searching for location specific hashtags, location tags and for local bloggers and businesses. They’ll tell you all the insider tips you need!
  1. Find Out Some Foodie Hotspots To Visit
One of the best things about travelling is finding different places to eat. Doing your research before you go will allow you to find out where you definitely want to eat, giving you an opportunity to make reservations before everything books up. For a guide on finding places to eat while you travel, you can read this guide here
  1. Research Activities And Excursions Before You Leave
A vacation is not a vacation without a couple of excursions right? Whether you want to find a yacht charter, you want to visit a neighbouring island or you want to spend the day exploring the city - planning these trips will give you a clear idea of what you can do whilst you’re there and how much it will cost you. 
Are you planning a vacation? What will you be doing to prepare? Let me know in the comment section below.
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