Brassybra Verified & Viral

There may be no end to Brassybra’s staggering successes, in just a matter of weeks, there has been a huge blue tick added to their Instagram page as webecame officially verified (big cheer!), and wehave managed to go viral twice this week, with features from Futuro [481k fans on Facebook] and In The Know Beauty [1 million fans on Facebook] that have been shared thousands of times! Combined, the video post had over 7.6 million views, an exciting achievement. The delight spilled over onto Twitter, where a viral tweet had over 10,000 RTs and 41,000 favourites, which featured a well-detailed video of how to wear your Brassybra. The bra, is both waterproof and unbelievably comfortable, ready to be styled for any occasion, there is no denying that it is an essential item in any woman’s wardrobe. There are no downsides to Brassybra, which makes it a universal product, for women of any breast size. With no irritability, it functions well and adheres perfectly for a prolonged uplift for any an occasion!

Brassybra has now rightfully earned its position in the hierarchy of Instagram with a coveted blue tick, where the account is currently sat prettily at 51,000+ followers. Their page is a glossy creative platform that highlights all the wonderful aspects of Brassybra, which interconnects multi-culturalism, femininity and above all, women’s power, which all beautifully coincide. The viral video reposted from Instagram, has already hit 42,000 views, and shows no signs of stopping. From all sizes and a choice of colours, Brassybra does not just support your breasts but also helps to shape your breasts, to give you a desired look for any outfit, make your breasts look a little rounder, uplifted, smaller, there are so many ways to play around with Brassybra, that it is no surprise that we have gone viral twice in one week! It is onwards and upwards for the brand, as for the delicious cherry on top of the cake, Brassbyra were featured on Spanish website Trendolizer, who feature the hottest viral products of the moment; so with the Spanish seal of approval, there is no better time to start looking forward to spring with all the exciting fashion you can experiment with when you add Brassybra into your life! So why not get shopping today!

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