Ways To Spruce Up Your Spare Room

If you are lucky enough to have additional space in your house such as a spare room (or even two) then it can often be difficult deciding what to do with it. More often than not, the spare room doesn’t have any particular use, and it is in fact, just that. Spare. Filled with odd bits and bobs that have no proper home, ceiling high ironing piles that you like to close the door and forget about and that hoover that broke three years ago. So if you’re guilty of treating the spare room more like a tip than a living space, then here are some ideas that might inspire you to transform that space into something a little more useful.

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A Gym 
Ok, I’m not talking a state of the art studio filled with all singing, all dancing equipment, but the popularity of home workouts are on the rise and are also extremely accessible from all kinds of fitness Youtube channels. Why not empty the space out, add a few yoga mats, dumbbells or kettlebells, a skipping rope and maybe an exercise bike and you have your very own makeshift studio. Shut the door, turn up the speakers and get that heart rate going. This doesn’t have to cost a lot and will probably save you more money than a gym membership in the long run!

An Office
Ok, this isn’t a very creative concept because a lot of people have home offices in the spare room, but if you do work from home or need a space where you can concentrate, it is vital that you create a productive workspace. An old desk chair and computer isn’t exactly motivational. Ensure your office space is painted in light colours, has a lot of natural light but also the right lighting when working after dark. A comfy desk chair with the correct back support is essential and I found a lovely one over at LionsHome. Desk organisers are also great for ensuring that your workload doesn’t get on top of you – working in a clutter-free space is far more effective.

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A Pet Room
This might sound a little ridiculous at first, but if you have your pet’s beds in the kitchen and find yourself falling over them/not wanting to go downstairs for fear of waking them up to wreak havoc, then why not transform your spare room into a calm, safe place for your pets to sleep? There is plenty of advice available online about how to successfully create a relaxing and playful space for your animals and it will probably do them good to have a space they can associate as their own - not to mention you being able to enjoy a hair-free carpet!

Walk-in Wardrobe 

Unleash your inner Kim K and turn that spare bedroom into a closet. Although walk-in wardrobes are usually associated with A-listers, it doesn’t have to be expensive to overhaul an otherwise empty space into somewhere you can store, clothes, coats and jackets, shoes and accessories. LionsHome{link to specific page} have some excellent shoe racks and clothes rails that can be strategically placed around the room to make storing your clothing a decorative venture. Walking into a room with your clothes and accessories all on display might make finding something to wear that little bit easier!

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