1903 Lounge At Manchester Airport

When you're travelling, the most important thing is to ensure that you have a calm relaxing atmosphere before you step on board your flight. At Manchester Airport, there are plenty of lounges to choose from. The 1903 Lounge at Manchester airport is situated upstairs in Terminal One and finally I was fortunate enough to be able to check it out, dragging along my suitcase, despite for that first sip of coffee. Despite arriving a little later than planned due to traffic, the lady in charge, Sophie, guided us round the lounge and offered us a quiet spot to sit, in a little secluded spot, with a beautiful view of the runway. Fortunately the day was clear, so it was great to look out and watch the world go by.

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What's In The Lounge?

The lounge was full of little places to sit, from easy chairs and sofas to upright chairs and a business area. Complete with WiFi, magazines and newspapers, I was really impressed with the intimate but comfortable layout. The decor was modern and chic, plenty of art and colours, and of course the best of all, the range of food and drinks available. The lounge also overlooks the runways and so you can see planes coming and going which is such a thrill on a bright day. It is a great escape from the busy terminal and can get you well prepared for your flight. 


  • Never gets overbooked so always somewhere to sit.
  • Great choice of food, hot and cold
  • Magazines and things to read
  • Computers if you need to double check travel arrangements 
  • Great high speed WiFi 
  • Airy and feels spacious 
  • All different types of drinks available 
  • Toilet in the lounge itself
  • Easy to book
  • Screens to keep track of flights
  • Easy chairs and chairs suitable to work on laptops

From herbal teas to coffee (decaf included), with the tap of a button on the screen, you are able to get your drinks easily and comfortably. There is a range of hot and cold buffet food, made to order and also if you really want to tempt the tastebuds, champagne and guacamole! It doesn’t get better. Although our time was limited, I opted for some fresh juice, decaf latte, egg sandwiches and of course some cheese and crackers - it was a lovely bonus to find Brie this time of year, I definitely felt festive after that! I also tried their chilli con carne which was delicious, as well as a chocolate muffin which was very quickly devoured!

The lounge also has its own facilities with its own toilet which is definitely a bonus. From friendly staff and plenty of good food, 1903 is definitely a great choice especially for people wanting to escape the business of the airport terminal and away from rowdy crowds, the lounge provides solace and comfort and I can’t wait to return to spend more time. To take a look further into the 1903 lounge if you're travelling through Manchester. Click here to book! 

*This was a gifted experience but all thoughts and opinions are my own



The Bath House In Ilkley

After finding this little gem of a shop one torrential day in Kirkby Lonsdale, I just knew that I had to explore this brand further. Their signature Black Patchouli scent has become my new favourite and The Bath House actually have a store in Ilkley which is half an hour from me. There are seven shops in the north of England and it's lovely to see British brands that are based up in the north. Their products are so divine and every scent is so different and unique there is truly something for everyone. The shop started up in the Lake District, also one of my favourite places in England, and the team have worked tirelessly to create the perfect aromas for their beautiful products. 

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Take a little look at what you can find in store and why you should put this on your travel list for the next time you're in Ilkley! All your Christmas gift worries are over....there is definitely something to find inside this unique and magical shop.

"Passionate about art, design and poetry, we seek inspiration in the beauty of nature and from our personal experiences and emotions. We bring this to life in the form of fragrances and skincare infused with evocative aromas and pure ingredients. Our recipe is a blend of passion, nature, artistic creativity and artisan production." - Bath House Shop

I went to visit their shop in Ilkley to discover even more of what they have to offer and they did not disappoint. Coming into autumn, the store has a lot of new products, such as new face masks and some incredible pot candles - the coconut scent is perfect. Now that winter is coming, it's definitely time to start looking at taking that little extra care of your skin. The store itself is an experience of sensory perfection, each product can be trialled in store. Looking after me was Jenny and she was so helpful with all the information about the products; so test out the hand creams and the scents, there really is a scent for everyone. They elegantly mix art with skincare. Fragrances, body, face and gift sets - you can also check out my Instagram post to take part in our collaborative giveaway! 

Each product comes under one of the Bath House's collections which are perfectly curated, each providing a different cluster of scents, from fresh and floral, to woody and musky, or sweet and spicy. The skincare products are also incredibly beautiful. Packed full and rich in vitamins which are so necessary for this time of year - treat yourself or someone you love to a gift set here.

Patchouli and Black Pepper Body Butter 

New natural face masks! Perfect for winter
White Tea and Rose perfume 
Warm sweet scents!
Patchouli and Black Pepper - the best seller! 

The shop is situated in the main car park area of Ilkley so it can't be missed and with plenty of cute coffee shops around, there is definitely a great reason to start your shopping trip at the Bath House Shop! The welcoming staff and wonderful scents beckon you inside and if you have any questions about the products, the kind staff members will be sure to answer all of your questions. 

Take a further look here at the Bath House Shop to get shopping today and if you are in Ilkley, please ensure you have a peek inside. 

*This was a collaborative post but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

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