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Sustainability is an incredibly crucial topic of our current time. Global warming is on the rise, desertification are declining and we now know the importance of being sustainable in our daily lives; but how does this translate into travel? When we travel, we can also cut down on our carbon footprint as we go. It may seem futile, or such a small addiction but the small additions to our suitcases can really assist our goals to becoming more eco-friendly. When we travel, we are already adding to the climate change; using planes can be a problem but it's also often quite essential for our travel. There are alternatives within our own country, such as coaches, National Express coaches are eco-friendly and recently I was able to test out their service which you can read about here

Sustainable products essentially are items that are great for the environment and can be reused over and over again and will also travel well. Some of the most sustainable materials are: bamboo, hemp, wool, clay and linen. You can add these to your life in many ways including: 

  • Toothbrush
  • Clothing
  • Travel accessories
  • Digital cases
  • Bamboo cutlery
  • Hairbrushes

The lists truly are endless but let's get on a little further and look into the types of products you can use whilst travelling, in order to help the planet and also assist your wallet, this is because sustainable products are also durable, they may not need to be replaced as often as other types of items, and so this means investing into sustainable products has added benefit. Sustainability is on the rise; as are the amount of brands that are creating sustainable products, which means it has never been easier to find the things that you need. Let's look at the items, within categories so you can be sure to be prepared for that next adventure. 

sustainable travel items

Travelling Guilt-Free Never Felt Better...

Let's see what some of the best products on the market are that are both affordable and brilliant for the planet. Sustainable travel items are incredibly important in today's world. All of the below will fit within your carry on or checked-in luggage. They are all lightweight, fun and look good. Take a look below to see what accessories you think you need to add to your luggage next.

Zero Waste Bamboo Toothbrush £5.00 SHOP NOW

[Bodyshop] Large Paddle Hairbrush Bamboo £8.00 SHOP NOW

Cork Cutlery Pouch with bamboo cutlery £5.00 SHOP NOW

Sustainable Home Hardback by Christine Liu £18.00 SHOP NOW

Bamboo Lint Roller £3.99 SHOP NOW

Bamboo purse by Stradivarius £4.99 SHOP NOW

Sustainable Bamboo Travel Cup [PrezzyBox] £9.99 SHOP NOW

Complete Sustainable Travel Kit [Etsy] £12.99 SHOP NOW

Tote Bag for travel [Etsy] £12.00 SHOP NOW

Organic spelt pillow £29.90 SHOP NOW

Bamboo Muslin Cloth for make-up removal £3.50 SHOP NOW

Sustainable felt phone case £30.00 SHOP NOW

In addition to these accessories, what we take with us in terms of food and supplements is just as important and this can be tough to stay on top of your health whilst on the road. Of course, ensuring you keep all your necessary medications on you is vital and have the correct medical insurance. Vacations are for relaxation; get your free travel insurance quote now with Axa. If you are staying in an AirBnB, you may enjoy cooking your own food, which may include your smoothie bowls, protein shakes and you may like to take your supplements along with you. For some of the best travel friendly food items to take abroad that should not affect your travel and are vegan and eco-friendly, are the following items:

Whey Protein400g Organic Protein Comp. £22.00 SHOP NOW

Perricone MD Superberry With Acai Powder £58.00 SHOP NOW

Bioglan Superfood Green Acai Powder 100g SHOP NOW

Herbal tea (green tea chai 15 bags) £7.49 SHOP NOW
Kiki Health Marine Collagen Powder £9.28 SHOP NOW

Pea Protein Powder 1KG £9.99 SHOP NOW

Booking.com Supercharged Smoothie Recipe Book for travel £3.99 SHOP NOW

The way we choose to travel and what we choose to travel with does not have to be unhealthy. It can be just as fulfilling and it can also be easier to pack with lighter products. Travelling is an incredibly exciting part of life, and as more and more brands and companies begin to delve more into sustainability (we have already seen it in high street stores, including Primark) and it is certainly is the way forward. Start today. Enjoy travel, a little more guilt free! 

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