As a graduate of Creative Industries, I have delved into the world of Media and Marketing. I have a firm background in Theatre and Creative Writing.  Creating lifestyle related posts, and sharing thoughts, ideas and spreading a little motivation is a continuing exhilirating journey. Focusing mostly on lifestyle, health and beauty, with a few little extras thrown in for good measure, I endeavour to write thought-provoking, inspiring and informative posts, for a wide range of different readers from all walks of life. I am currently based in Yorkshire, UK.

Having worked with a range of different companies on my blog, I also offer copywriting services for either bloggers, companies or individuals and I am more than happy to branch out into any area. Branching out and reaching new audiences only heightens your level of creativity.

Social Media Management

I will soon be offering affordable advertising on my blog, which I'm setting to launch in 2017. Willing to design (if needed) and host your banners/ads for a set amount of time depending on your needs. I am willing to discuss ideas and pricing with ad hosting starting from as little as £3.99 a month. Social Media is a wonderful tool, it's quickly become the most effective marketing tool within the digital world and it can sometimes be difficult to juggle your business and run your social medias effectively. I offer social media management (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram) which I will be happy to discuss. My media card can be found here.


I offer proofreading services to any individual or company for their marketing material, websites, blogs, articles, manuscripts and emails. It's vital to remember that punchy, smart, savvy written materials allow you to stand out from the crowd and convey yourself in the best possible light. Proofreading services start at £4.99.

Please contact me via the contact form on the right and you will receive a reply within 24 hours. All sponsored posts and product placement posts are specified. All views are my own. Please download my media pack here

Brands I've Worked With 

Lola Ramona | Weather Bug | Vincent Retirement Living | Furniture Work | House of Fraser | Panasonic | Vapelux | Viking Direct | Oxfam | Landon Tyler | Slater Gordon | Latest Deals | Jays Headphones | Primula | Toppik | Born Wild Tea | Imperial Candles | Many More!

Publications I've Been Featured In

Honest Blue Magazine | True Blue Magazine | Covered Magazine | Fish Friers Review

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