About The Elegant Life

As a graduate of Creative Industries, I temporarily set aside my theatre dreams, to concentrate on writing it, as well as writing anything and everything that I was able. 

It just so happened that my love for writing coincided beautifully with my love for travel. Each destination had its own story to tell. Now I work freelance, I travel as often as I can, working out of my laptop and experiencing the magic of our world. This Blog is a collection of moments from my travels, things I enjoy using on my travels and the people and things that make the journey of life a little more bearable. Take a look around. This is a place that I hope will inspire you to manifest some positive energy into your life.

Aside from writing my Blog, I work in the incredibly freelance world of digital marketing which has been a huge element of my life since the Blog began. 

See below where you can see all our services and how we could benefit your brand. 

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 In 2015 The Elegant Life won a Blogger's Newcomer Award with the Official UK Bloggers Team and will endeavour to bring new and exciting travel articles with flair and style.

Who I Have Worked With

Lola Ramona | Weather Bug | Vincent Retirement Living | Furniture Work | House of Fraser | Panasonic  | Viking Direct | Oxfam | Landon Tyler | Slater Gordon | Latest Deals | Jays Headphones | Primula | Toppik | Born Wild Tea | Imperial Candles | Many More

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