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As a graduate of Creative Industries, I have delved into the world of Media and Marketing. I have a firm background in Theatre and Creative Writing.  Creating lifestyle related posts, and sharing thoughts, ideas and spreading a little motivation is a continuing exhilirating journey. Focusing mostly on lifestyle, health and beauty, with a few little extras thrown in for good measure, I endeavour to write thought-provoking, inspiring and informative posts, for a wide range of different readers from all walks of life. I am currently based in Yorkshire, UK.

As The Elegant Life grows, the quest to encompass style, travel, fashion and luxury continues. I currently write for the Dubai based Luxury Branding Company Tidlrs, who focus on the world luxury market. For more of my work on Tidlrs 'The Edit', please click here for further reading. I am currently a freelance Copywriter at The Elegant Life Copywriting Services, currently offer the following:

·       Creating website copy - this may be newsflashes, news articles, and Blog copy for their own Blogs which will be promoted to their customers or clients.

·        Writing press releases - these press releases may be for local newspapers, other online publications, or to be circulated within their own database of email addresses. 

·       Creating newsletters for customers - this may be weekly or monthly, creating newsletters with various information, news and offers that the brand or client may want to offer and share. 

·       Social Media Management - if a brand or client wishes to have a more permanent and powerful presence on social media but does not have the time or the ideas to launch campaigns, then this can be done through social media management. We may look at: Tweets to promote the business, Instagram photos with a structured ongoing campaign to bring in more followers and clicks to links.

 Again, these are guidelines and it’s important for each brand to have a bespoke collaboration, for authentic and beneficial reasons.

In 2015 The Elegant Life won a Blogger's Newcomer Award with the Official UK Bloggers Team and will endeavour to bring new and exciting travel articles with flair and style.

Who I Have Worked With

Lola Ramona | Weather Bug | Vincent Retirement Living | Furniture Work | House of Fraser | Panasonic  | Viking Direct | Oxfam | Landon Tyler | Slater Gordon | Latest Deals | Jays Headphones | Primula | Toppik | Born Wild Tea | Imperial Candles | Many More

Featured In

Honest Blue Magazine | True Blue Magazine | Covered Magazine | Fish Friers Review | StudentWire (Blogging as a Business)


Q. Do you blog full-time?
A. Yes. Primarily however, I am a copywriter, writing articles for companies which I work with on a one-to-one basis. Travel and lifestyle blogging is my job title and pride myself in being a Blogger in a wonderful world of talented and creative people worldwide. 

Q. Do you travel for free all the time?
A. No. Absolutely not. Most often I will pay for my own travel (including airfare, trainfare), unless the travel expenses are included in the work. Sometimes companies offer press trips, which are all inclusive, but mostly, day to day, only the accommodation (hotel reviews) are complimentary. 

Q. Do you model for brands on Instagram?
A. Yes. If an opportunity to model a dress or accessory arises, then I will definitely be sure to work with them. With a background in theatre studies, I thoroughly enjoy working with brands on this basis, paid or gift-only; if it fits the style of my blog and aesthetic, I will model for brands.

Q. How do you choose the companies you work with?
A. As a blogger, a lot of the time you pitch the company yourself with ideas of how to collaborate. I choose the brands carefully that I want to work with, based on their work ethos and style. If a company approaches me and it does not fit into The Elegant Life style and vibe, I will politely decline. Keeping a strong level of authenticity is key as a Blogger.

Q. Do you set the rules with all your jobs? 
A. No. I fully believe in working closely with each brand to curate the best work for my blog. The client's needs must come first when collaborating and this is my working ethos across the board.

Q. Where are your favourite locations?
A. Greece is my favourite. Athens in particular is incredibly magical and will happily travel back there regularly. I am also a huge fan of The Lake District, right here in the UK as well as New York City, Budapest and Southern France.

Q. Do you accept guest posts from magazines or other Bloggers?
A. Yes. Please email me at hello@jenniferdurrans.com to discuss a guest post. 

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