I am a huge believer in using social media as a positive tool for good charities. There are many worthy charities in the world, that need that little extra exposure, to continue to do the exceptional work that they do in the world. Social media awareness is the perfect catalyst for change and sometimes it only takes one person to speak out.

As a writer, I understand the importance and power of words. I actively support a wide variety of charities, for a whole range of different causes. Please see below some of the great charities I support.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is an elephant (and rhino) orphanage in Nairobi, which relies on donations for the upkeep of the sanctuary and the care of the orphaned elephants who have lost their families from the cruel ivory trade. You can read all about them here. You can click here for their website.

The Jenny Karezi Foundation 

Founded in 1992, and named after renowned Greek actress, this Foundation serves as a palliative care centre for those suffering with terminal illnesses. It has recently been struggling through Greece's poor economy, and any small donation will be truly appreciated. You can read all about them here. You can click here for their website.


PETA, also known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, supports every single animal in the world that is suffering through any cruel behaviours, and endeavours to keep them safe and stop animals having to live in any inhumane conditions and giving helpless animals a voice. They also spread awareness of the inhumane acts against animals.  I also highly support their work to save the orcas from Seaworld's unnecessary torture. You can read all about this here. You can click here for their website.

YWT Living Seas

A Yorkshire based charity (my home and very near and dear to me), this great charity has a vision to bring our seas back to life and protects all sea life and especially off the coast of Yorkshire. They also strive to keep all wildlife thriving for future generations and sustain the wildlife in the area. You can click here for their website.

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