Cycling In The Lake District

It is the best thing in the world to take that deep breath of clean countryside air, escaping city life and really immersing yourself in natural beauty. My favourite part of the country has to be the Lake District. It's sprawling countryside, and plenty to do and see, it's a perfect holiday getaway, but there are plenty of ways to see the country that don't involve driving everywhere! Some of the best hotspots that offer lots to do and places to shop, drink and eat is Windermere, the main hub, and then higher up is Penrith. Both quite large spots that can get very busy, so here are some tips to see some of these incredible views away from the crowds, and in a more innovative way!

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Bike It 

Cycling is not just great for your wellbeing, but it's also a brilliant way to see the places in the countryside that you can't reach in a car, and see them twice as fast than walking, therefore you get to kill two birds with one stone. If you're searching for a new bike, your first bike, a bike for your kids, or parts for your bike, or even bike accessories, then pick these all up on a budget with Latest Deals, so click here and find some brilliant priced things! It's always my go to when looking for travel gear, but if you're on your bike (no pun intended), then you can get around the large lakes much quicker, and here are some of the great tracks to look at.

  • Coniston Cycle Trail - Lake Coniston is a large incredible lake, and perfect to go biking, either alone or with a group, it is realtively long but worth it for those lake views! 
  • Hawkshead to Claife Heights - This route takes in both Coniston fells and also Windermere! 
  • Kentmere - a quiet relaxing route, beginning in Staveley and with plenty of cafe stops in between! 
  • Duddon Valley - not for the fainthearted, this is more of a mountain trek and is long and hard but the Duddon valley stretches around the north of the Lakes 
  • Ullswater North Western Falls - Ullswater is huge, and it is definitely reminiscent of Scottish beauty, but it's definitely one to try for the more hardened bike rider!
  • Askham Fell - more of a family route, not overly taxing and great if you want to take the kids on a fun day out! 
For more information on all the routes for bikes in the Lake District you can click here.  

Photo Courtesy: Pixabay 
So has this at least slightly wet your appetite for a more exciting trip? Biking is a brilliant form of exercise, in fact some of its health benefits include: increased cardiovascular fitness, improved joint mobility, decreased body fat levels, strengthened bones and much more. You can make your cycling journey even easier with finding the best deals over at Latest Deals! I raved about them back in 2015, and they have gone from strength to strength with better deals than ever and they have all your bike needs covered! Happy shopping and happy travelling!

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