What MyHeritage DNA Results Have Taught Me!

When I was kindly contacted by the team at MyHeritage to do a MyHeritage DNA test, I jumped at the chance! I had a very vague idea of my heritage, I thought it was mostly going to be Irish, English and Scottish; I had wondered if there was a tiny bit of southern European in me, as many people often ask me if I had any Spanish or Italian origins. I received my kit through MyHeritage, which involved a very simple task of swirling the swab around your cheek (one swab per cheek), snapping off the end into the little pot of liquid and sending it abroad.

It states that it takes upto 4 weeks to get your results, because of travelling time but mine came through quicker. I had been incredibly excited because it really does give you a true sense of belonging, as well as excitement into where your ancestors came from and some of your traits, characteristics that may come from other parts of the world. Once you have sent your kit off, it's vital to activate it online, that way you can make your own family tree if you wish and you can have email reminders sent when your DNA is in the lab and when you get your results! It is super easy and really fun to set up all your details and await the results!

The Results! 

I received an email over the weekend from MyHeritage to let me know that my DNA results had come back. I anxiously clicked onto the results to see what my heritage would be and it's safe to say I had some serious surprises...and surprises that truly made me see the world and the way we look at our culture much differently. As you can see from my results below, it came back as 0% English. Being born and raised in England, and nearly all my family members being born and raised here in England, it came as a huge shock to see that there was no English ancestry. 51.6% of my DNA was as expected, Irish, Scottish and Welsh. Coming from a predominantly Irish background from my maternal side, I had a feeling this would probably be a higher percentage, but just a little over half of me is from the British isles.

However, I was also nearly just as shocked to find out that just about a whole other half of me is Western European. Although the results are rather broad, it takes into consideration a lot of the western countries, I did believe that it could be mostly French ancestry with my surname being of French origin, but I did not realise it would be such a high percentage!

Thirdly, the tiny little bit of DNA left in me, is from the Middle East! That I did NOT expect but that is the one that excited me the most. I have been racking my brains wondering how and where this may have come from, such a teeny percentage of me, but still, a part of me. Perhaps this is where my love for hot weather has come from! Or my love of more exotic foods! The possibilities are endless, and truthfully, it has made me want to visit the Middle East even more now. The other thing that MyHeritage DNA test has given me, is an even bigger insight into the world. It certainly should make everyone a little more sensitive to immigration and other races. You never know what DNA is within you, or even who you may be a distant relative of. The possibilities are endless and it's been a fantastic learning curve!

If you wish to grab a DNA kit today, then click here and start uncovering your past today! £75 for the kit...but well worth it if you would like to find distant relatives! I did uncover quite a few fourth and fifth cousins in the USA which is very exciting and have already got into contact with them to see how we may be related and who we may be related to! The opportunities are endless!  

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