Travel Destinations You Think You Can't Afford (But Really You Can)

Munich, Germany

Munich is the capital of Bavaria, and perhaps the most German city on the planet. There are more than 100,000 students who study in the city, meaning that although it is a cultural icon, Munich can be surprisingly cheap. There are beer gardens, opera halls, and art galleries, as well as plenty of places to chow down on sausage. 
Chicago, US
Chicago used to be one of America’s most celebrated cities. Home to deep dish pizza and the Sears Tower, the Windy City was once the place to be for anyone and everyone of importance. But with the economic decline of the “rust belt,” the city has suffered somewhat. That’s not to say that it’s no longer a desirable location: it is. It’s just that prices in the city have come down a lot from their high. 
Chicago is the US’s third largest city, behind Los Angeles and New York. The city plays host to some of the most impressive skyscrapers in the country, many of them constructed while the city boomed in the 1970s and 1980s. Today, Chicago retains much of its original character, but thanks to lower wages and fewer ultra-wealthy people living there, costs of basic things like food and rent is much lower. Go to Chicago if you want a bargain. 
The key to finding bargain travel destinations is to find places that have gone out of fashion among the rich and famous. Remember, the south of France was once a favourite haunt for people with a lot of money, but today it’s all but deserted. 

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