Top Cities For Expats To Live In Australia

So you’ve decided to make an exciting move to Australia? Many expats brave the leap every year, and it’s no surprise given all the beauty and adventure that Aus has to offer. Such a huge country has many destinations to choose from, so let’s break it down and talk about some of the top choices.


Sydney has always been a popular choice for expats. It’s a vibrant city, home to the world famous Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour; a stunning display of architecture. Dare to climb to the top of the bridge and experience the awe-inspiring panoramic views. The Royal Botanic Gardens is another must-see while in Sydney; acres of lush greenery beyond the sights of the harbour. Sydney is home to the renowned Bondi Beach and many natural parks to set off and have an adventure. With plenty of museums, restaurants and a bustling nightlife, you’ll never get bored in Sydney!


The land of Perth is another bit hit on the Australian expat scene. Here you’ll find Australia's oldest wine region, Swan Valley, with plenty of delicious wine, delightful food and picturesque scenery. Perth is a great place for food lovers, incorporating a variety of styles from different countries. Perth has some of the best beaches in Australia and a fun-filled wildlife park called Caversham. For a chance to meet a few koalas and kangaroos be sure to check it out!


What better place to start your Australian adventure than the capital of Aus itself? Most visitors who come to Canberra want to take a glimpse of Parliament House, an stunning and iconic building that’s the centre of the political system in Aus. Take a tour, learn a lot and don’t forget to take a picture or two. While you’re here, head to Namadgi National Park which is about 40km South out of the city. With rich forests, alpine meadows, and rugged mountains, this place will truly take your breath away. 


In Melbourne, you’ll find all that you could want in a city. There’s the gorgeous sights of the Yarra River, the unique artwork at the Gallery Victoria and the lovely Herring Island Park. To experience the river in style, try a river boat cruise to explore the sights. There are even cruising restaurants, for a real unique dining experience. For an elegant night out, take your pick of one of many rooftop bars for some epic views of the city. Remember to get yourself a few travelling tips from any pals you have who’ve spent time in Aus.

Getting prepared 

With your visas sorted, you’ll need to prep by finding a good moving company to ship you to Aus. Try to pack as early as you can, so you can give your removal company a good estimate of how many boxes you have. Chess Moving have plenty of experience in removal, including moving to Aus, and around Aus in particular. Chess Moving are partnered with services such as visa and immigration consultancy, import services and the National Australia Bank. With this expertise and these connections, Chess can provide you with a real a smooth move.

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