How A Global Pandemic Is Redefining Our Love Affair With Fashion


2020 has been a peculiar year that blew a wind of revolution into our world of fashion. Needless to say, the coronavirus has left a deep and indelible mark in our society, forcing all businesses and individuals to adapt to the new living conditions. The global pandemic has introduced new lifestyle habits, which in turn radically affected the way we think about fashion. 

For millions of individuals who have been staying at home in improvised home offices, our experience of fashion has reflected a dramatic shift in priority. It would be unfair to claim that the self-isolation experiences have single-handedly redefined our relationship to clothes and accessories. There already was an underlying movement changing mindsets and promoting forward-thinking style. However, we can thank life in lockdown for bringing a new spin on our expectations of fashion. Three key concepts injecting a much-needed sense of renewal have been spreading to the global mindset: Gender neutral, sustainability, and second-hand fashion. 

Do we still need a she or he fashion world?

Under lockdown, staying at home has driven us to become more experimentative in our quest for mental and physical comfort. The typical workwear has made room for loose outfits that encapsulate a desire for mental stability. In a self-isolated environment, a lot of individuals have felt more confident about what they want to wear in an effort to embrace their true self without worrying about self-imposed labels of gender and body type wear. Gender neutral fashion brands have grown steadily as a positive consequence of self-exploration under lockdown. Being yourself without worrying about social expectations has helped gender fluid designs bloom. 

Can I do sustainable fashion at home? 

The fashion industry has a dramatic impact on the environment. From fast fashion to harmful and waste-generating production methods, the pandemic has put a temporary hold on these damaging consequences. As a result, many fast-fashion enthusiasts have been able to see first-hand how their choices affect the planet. Combined with lockdown fever, we’ve seen a resurgence in sustainable responsibility from a buyer’s perspective. Can you inject a budget-friendly green approach into your experience of fashion? The decisions made by individual fashion enthusiasts in a pandemic situation show that it can be a positive experience. 

Online shopping only has encouraged people to browse and choose easy to order accessories and clothing items at their own pace and from the safety of their homes. Therefore, they could dramatically reduce commuting pollution. As you are in a position to compare and research, you can also make better-informed choices. 

Craft projects have grown dramatically in popularity during the year. Sewing, especially, has proven beneficial both for the mind and the environment, allowing a change of mindset. Fashion can be made at home and constantly improved, bringing sustainability directly into your closet. 

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Where can I buy a second-hand item?

The pandemic has revived our love for vintage fashion. Second-hand items from past decades and used designer’s clothes are coming hand-in-hand to save both the planet and our wallet. Comfort comes from meaningful items that are made to last. As such, our obsession with vintage fashion gives a second life to garments. With a quirky style comes a green purpose too. We don’t need new, after all. 

Did the pandemic alone transform our approach to fashion? No, it hasn’t. But it has helped spread the interest in a fashion industry that can be kind to the individual and the planet at the same time. 

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